My Massage Services for men

I’ve mastered the art of sensual massage combined with therapeutic massage. I’m very discreet. If you like masculine, then look no further! All my pictures are recent .

Great hands and touch to release your stress in my Professional Central London Massage Studio , you have to try to believe. From sensual to deep tissue available based on your needs and preference.

Expect to surrender yourself and experience a very personal and uninhibited session where you will be pampered and taken care of. Like to make the session hot & fun while still getting the massage done. Making sure the client feels comfortable is paramount. You can touch every part of my n ude rock hard body while I rub you all over. Touching is encouraged! From mild to wild.

My knowledge of the male anatomy allows me to bring you ultimate male to male relaxation, weather its a sports massage or just a deep relaxing session, you can be rest assured I will take care of you. I use the benefits of body-to-body contact to stimulate your senses and satisfy your need for a intimate connection.

I’ll take care of you from head to feet I’ll touch and pay attention to every part of your body

I do the massage in the nude.

Teasing your senses, as they crave my hands around your body and deep in your muscles.


Erotic and sensual play (if it’s important to you) is limited to what we both feel comfortable with. I finish the massage with a long and deep b j o b. Normally it takes well over 90 minutes, and since I dont book back to back clients I am never tired of bored, unlike other guys here, or so I have been told. Its Time for YOU!

Choose me if you value a good deep sensual massage, complete discretion, safety, friendliness and sexy qualities in your masseur.

Full body London Male Massage

SWEDISH MASSAGE – This is the most popular massage Gay massage in London technique in that I give to my clients in Central London and has been coined as the “common massage”.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE – This massage penetrates the deeper muscles and connective tissues. It has been used to relieve the strain from muscles in chronic stress and usage. Book my massage services in london.

SPORTS MASSAGE – A combination massage of deep tissue and Swedish tailored to give the athletes the performance edge. Pre-competition massage conditioning focuses on muscle groups causing the discomfort in athletes to prevent unnecessary distraction during the sporting event. Post competition massage will soothe aching muscles and encourage proper waste excretion for regenerative purposes.

AROMA THERAPYMassage therapy that makes use of aroma from essential oil extracts from flowers, wood, resin and herbs. Specific oil sources have their own characteristic healing advantage per ailment. The fragrant massage experience will promote more relaxation during the experience. A very light massage following the flow of your lymph nodes.

HOT STONE MASSAGE – This makes use of heated rocks like basalt and placed over the length of your spine while you lie on your belly. This offers one of the most relaxing massage experiences.

Gay London Masseur

I have a very easy way about my energy and I enjoy meeting new and interesting people to connect with. I’m respectful, soft-spoken, attentive, and easy-going. I view clients who have those same qualities as special friends, and believe in mutual respect, satisfaction, and gratification. I enjoy going to dinner and movies, hanging out in the privacy of your home or hotel, or at my place if available. I’m close to Tottenham court road tube station. I particularly enjoy the company of mature gentlemen.

Male Massage offers a unique opportunity for you to relax in a therapeutic safe environment where you can enjoy the company and touch of another man. If you are looking for a soothing and feel-good massage to relax, and experience new horizons, banish stress and tensions, or a deep tissue massage with good quality oils, you may need to unwind and recuperate after a sporting activity, my erotic massage will touch your senses and give you pleasure, I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. My sessions are geared towards achieving full relaxation, pleasure and well being and I can accommodate special needs and individual requests. Discretion always assured and wanted.

I am trained and experienced in sensual massage that can relax and revive you. My massage sessions are only about you and your body (and the part of your body you want me to work on…). This is your chance to enjoy your body and allow yourself to relax and completely unwind with an attitude-free sexy guy that wants to please. Please check my location and as always I only have one flat rate of £90 for a session, usually upto 90 minutes.

I use excellent-quality avocado, coconut, sweet almond oil, which is non-greasy and easily absorbed by the skin, mixed with some essential oils such as organic bergamot, grapefruit, mandarin, lavender, lime, etc. Please let me know if you are allergic to any of these products.

I guarantee you will leave feeling relieved, refreshed and want to come back time and time again.

All men welcome,


Discretion is my number one priority and I expect the same from you.

My strong hands can deliver strong and very intuitive touch, that you will never forget. In my work there is no place for discrimination, I’m offering my professional gay massage services to clients of any age, race, sexual orientation (gay, curious, bi or straight) or fitness level. .

What is Massage

When To Use Massage Therapy

Throughout history, humans have employed the art of massage as a means towards greater relaxation and health. The cultures which we regard as the foundations of our civilization including Rome, medieval China and Japan, India, Greece, and even ancient Egypt, all practised forms of massage. In addition, many cultures which have not traditionally been considered “civilized” have used massage in many different applications.

Today, the benefits of massage and massage therapy are well known, and have in fact been documented in peer reviewed medical research. This means that the best minds in the medical field endorse massage and massage therapy in a number of different situations.

Just what are the situations in which massage therapy may be called for? Let’s take a look at some common occurrences which may lead you to seek massage therapy.

An Injury:

For many, massage therapy is a key component in their road to recovery after sustaining an injury. Whether the injury in question was a pulled muscle or a broken bone, increasing levels of massage as healing takes place can greatly aid the process.

Pain Relief:

Many people suffer from chronic pains, although those pains do not occur due to a past injury. The pains may be in the form of migraine headaches or joint inflammation, incurred through age or environment.

In these cases, the pressure applied through different types of massage can greatly alleviate the amount of suffering a person is feeling. Massage appears to both dull the intensity of pain during treatment and reduce the level of pain when it re-occurs. Sometimes, massage therapy can rid the patient of specific chronic pain altogether.

Stress Relief:

Perhaps the best known massage applications is in the reduction of stress on the individual patient. Massage’s traditional application has been in the form of a relaxant, allowing the pressure of life to drift away amidst pressures placed on the physical form of the patient.

As stress is a factor in the everyday life of every human, stress reduction is the most widespread application of massage therapy. Massage has been proven not only to reduce stress but also to alleviate stress induced symptoms on both the physical and mental levels.

Why Does Massage Therapy Work?

While the benefits of massage have been proven at almost every level that matters to science (the one exception being double blind experiments, as one involving massage is impossible to design), the question of why massage works remains a mystery. Multiple theories exist that suggest why massages are effective in so many circumstances. It may activate an increased blood flow, improve sleep, release endorphins, or any number of other potentially beneficial reactions within the body.

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    Sports Massage

    Its great for Inexperienced gay guys,Guys that are still in closet,bi guys who want to feel confident with other men and of course for gay men who want to be the best in bed.

  • Therapeutic massage or a erotic massage I can definitely provide it for you!

    Therapeutic massage or a erotic massage I can definitely provide it for you!

    About my male massage services in Central London

  • Allow me to show you the best nude erotic massage you will ever experience from a man.

    Allow me to show you the best nude erotic massage you will ever experience from a man.

    Lets set up a session and make a connection.

  • Central London Masseur

    Central London Masseur

    Looking for a different experience? you are in the right place.

MOBILE: 074 12 018 6 27

Fully Qualified Male Masseur for Gay/Bisexual/Courious Men Tantric Naturist SensualMassage masseur London Therapeutic Sports Massage Aromatherapy Hot StoneMassage



This is a service for men only.


CALL 07 412 018 627

Based on experience, a phone is needed for the client to contact me to book a the session.

It’s always very  helpful if a client gets lost or I need to contact you because of a delayed starting time.
I’ve also found that those who can’t or won’t provide a mobile number are far more likely to cancel or fail to show up without advance notice, and thats not nice!!!!!

Rest assured, I will protect your confidentiality and privacy at all times!


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