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Therapeutic massage or a erotic massage I can definitely provide it for you!

About my male massage services in Central London

Questions And Answers When should I never get a massage? If you have any of this symptoms: Any Infection, disease or fever Any one under the influence of recreational drugs or alcohol Diarrhoea and or Vomiting. Cardio-vascular conditions (thrombosis, phlebitis, hyper/hypotension, heart conditions) Haemophilia Any condition already being treated by a GP or another complementary practitioner. Medical Oedema Oseteoporosis Arthritis Nevous/Psychotic conditions Epilepsy Recent operations Diabetes Asthma Any dysfunction of the nervous system (MS, Parkinsons, MND, Bells Palsy, trapped pinched neve ie Sciatica, Inflamed nerve, Cancer, postural deformities, Spastic conditions, Kidney infections, Whiplash, Slipped disc, Undiagnosed pain, When taking prescribed medication, Acute rheumatism)